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Be'lakor's portals are great, but they could use a tiny bit of balancing.

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Before I start this, I want to say I love Be'lakor's portal system and how all his unholy manifestations make him feel like a unique character to play. However, I think they could use a little balancing. This concern mainly arises from my experience in multiplayer campaigns, where, since his portals cannot be destroyed, it makes his faction very overpowered with its ability to traverse the map. I think the easiest way to fix this issue is to add a system similar to ogre camps, where you can garrison your portals with troops to allow for them to be defended should an opposing faction want to destroy it. If they beat this garrison in a battle, the portal closes, and Be'lakor must find a new way into their lands. However, it doesn't mean that a throwaway agent can just close his portals. Accompanying this system would, in a perfect world, be a specific battle map with a chaos portal, but honestly regular field battle maps would do just fine as well - as long as you can pick the garrison that is stationed within it.

Would like to hear everyone else's opinion on the matter. I think the addition would be a lot more thematic and add in possibilities for strategy depth and playing around these portals without the mechanic being too "gamey".
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