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Friendly Factions Shouldn’t Raid Against You

erhartm91#4908erhartm91#4908 Registered Users Posts: 70
Factions that have at least a Friendly level of diplomacy with you should not be allowed to be in Raiding Stance against you in your own territory.

I’m currently playing an Archaon the Everchosen campaign and am Very Friendly with The Slaughterhorn Tribe under Taurox the Brass Bull. He is just standing next to my capital in Raiding Stance. I tried asking him nicely to stop, but he’s feeling particularly bullish today.

Seriously though, he is taking a lot of my money and causing my Control level to go down. I can’t just kill him because I am Very Friendly with him, I want to vassalize other factions, and I don’t want to take the diplomacy penalty,
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