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Total War Rome II Multiplayer Crashes

PewPewBulletGuns#3866PewPewBulletGuns#3866 Registered Users Posts: 1
I've recently tried to pick multiplayer siege battles back up after around a year and a half of not playing much Rome II, but I've been having serious issues with crashing.

This only seems to happen with multiplayer, and happens at seemingly random times (for instance, most of the times it happens when building an army, sometimes it happens when deploying, and I've even had games where I was able to play a full match before crashing--though it should be stressed this has only happened once or twice). This has basically fully prevented me from playing.

Unfortunately, the fact that the crash reports are in .mdmp files which I cannot access, I don't know the actual source of the problem (I've seen Microsoft visual studio recommended to read .mdmp files, but I've had no success).

For context, I am playing Rome II Emperor edition on windows 10 with no mods and the following DLC: Baktria Faction, Seleucid empire faction, Wrath of Sparta, Black Sea Colonies, Caesar in Gaul, Daughters of Mars, Desert Kingdoms culture pack, Greek States culture pack, Hannibal at the gates, Massilia faction, and Pirates & Raiders.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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