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There is something deeply wrong with Skaven Shooting Units in TWW3

ottakanawa#9312ottakanawa#9312 Registered Users Posts: 170
Maybe this affects all shooting units, but I am mostly a skaven player and so I can only speak on that. Getting a unit of Ratling gunners, Warpfire throwers, or Death Globe Bombardiers to fire at targets is obscenely difficult and requires an inordinate amount of micro.

Most of the time they will either not fire at all, move into melee range, or stretch themselves into a thin long line formation and then not fire. If they are anywhere close to a piece of terrain the problems are amplified as the AI can't figure out how to do anything when in the proximity of a large rock. Skaven are already weak to cavalry and flying units, but with the current state of shooting units you don't even have a chance to counter or fight them. Additionally, Skaven artillery loses in a straight up duel against almost every single faction (because their cannon models get destroyed so easily) so that can't be relied upon either.

For Skaven, your weapons teams ARE your army. They need to perform well in order for you to win. It is incredibly frustrating to build your army around them, position them correctly, spend magic and time making sure they are safe and have clear fields of fire, and then they can't figure out how to actually use their weapons. Almost every single match I am getting frustrated with one or more shooting unit or another, fighting with them to fire their damn guns!!


  • Mavrik347#6458Mavrik347#6458 Registered Users Posts: 122
    Funny you mention this. I had to restart a battle yesterday because my rattling guns got wiped out and I couldn't work out why.

    In the rematch I put them on a hill with clear line of sight as I did before then I noticed one of the two units got slapped by zombie pirate gunners, I watched and they weren't returning fire. I told them to both attack manually and they immediately opened fire and annihilated the zombie pirate gunners. 🤷‍♂️

    Fire at will was 100% on.
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  • The_real_FAUST#6885The_real_FAUST#6885 Registered Users Posts: 2,138
    There are problems with LOS for many units particularly direct fire units.

    I do think specifically for Skaven the ability to friendly fire should absolutely be a trait. If you want to rattling gun your slaves as they fight chaos warriors that is a 100% lore accurate and the race accurate.

    For other races yes there is a problem with that and perhaps should be allowed for a ld penalty.

    But these don't excuse the bizarre and frustrating LOS problems we all frequently experience
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