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Future Total War Games

Zrack#6202Zrack#6202 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited January 7 in Total War General Chat
Hello! I am big fan of Total War and the Warhammer games especially. Total War did amazing with fantasy and diving into the mechanics of Warhammer.

So that being said, my suggestion/question: Is it doable to do a Lord of The Rings: Total War or Star Wars: Total War? I think you have a great deal you could do with those and the popularity and fan base is always there. I think it would be amazing if Sega/Total War could swing that. One or both. I’d love nothing more to see a Total War version using both of those lore bases.


  • Heretical_Cactus#7598Heretical_Cactus#7598 Registered Users Posts: 3,151
    Lord of The Rings: Total War

    Yes, LotR has no problem to be portrayed, might be better to be portrayed as a Saga game, with less magic but having more diplomatic stuff and maybe different time start

    Star Wars: Total War

    Most likely not, the SW universe doesn't really have formation fights, honestly the way to portray a SW game in rts would be a Squad based game
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