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Steam version of Rome Remastered won't run in Win7--Help!

Demosthenes#1466Demosthenes#1466 Junior MemberFlorida, but only physically. I will always be an Italian from Rhode Island.Registered Users Posts: 8
Tried to download and play Rome Total War Remastered on steam, but it won't play in Win 7. Does not say that on the site.

Does anyone know a site which has a remastered verision of Rome Total War which will run in Win 7?

I refuse to use that awful Windows 10 until my Win 7 pc's no longer operate. Microsoft should have stopped developing new versions because Win 7 was the best, though I must say I really miss the DOS program in Win XP because I still play DOS strategy games like Caesar II (the best version), Rise & Rule of Ancient Empires, and my favorite, "Exploration" by IMagic.


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