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3 Thematic Campaign Ideas For Immortal Empires

Foe-Hammer#3998Foe-Hammer#3998 Registered Users Posts: 59
Hey Everyone,

Here are 3 Thematic Campaign ideas for you to spice up your playthroughs. These are all lore based ideas taken from the various Warhammer Fantasy Army Books. I have also made a video on my youtube channel covering these campaigns in greater detail if you want to check that out.

Empire - Karl Franz - The Skaven Wars
- No Gunpowder Units - Gunpowder had not yet been gifted to Sigmar's Empire by the Dwarfs
- No Magic - Magic was outlawed until the the Great War against Chaos
- Vermintide End Game Scenario - Earliest possible but your choice of Difficulty

- In the times before gunpowder and magic became tools of Sigmar's Empire, The Black Plague ravages the Old World. The Empire is at its most vulnerable. Hordes of Skaven scurry out of their hidden underground tunnels beneath the Empire, rising to claim the surface world for their own. You are Mandred Von Zelt, the Emperor who will be called Skavenslayer. You must defeat this menace with the only tools available at the time, Faith and Steel.

High Elves - Imrik - Reclaim the Phoenix Crown/War of the Beard p.2
- Must Declare War on all Dwarf Factions
- Must Occupy Karaz-A-Karak
- A Grudge Too Far End Game Scenario - Timing and Difficulty up to you.

- Long ago the Phoenix Crown was taken from the still warm corpse of Phoenix King Caledor II by Gotrek Starbreaker, High King of the Dwarfs, in recompense for wrongs committed against the Dawi. This has been a sore spot for the High Elves, who have requested many times the return of this treasured artifact. Imrik, of the same bloodline as Caledor II, seeks to reclaim the crown and the honor lost long ago by his forebearer. If the Dwarfs will not relent the crown willingly, then he will take it with Lance and Dragonfire.

Khorne - Skarbrand - The Burning Book of Khorne
- Migration Campaign to Ulthuan
- Must Occupy all of the Mountain Fortresses of Ulthuan - I conquered Ulthuan around turn 50
- Destroy the Seducers of Slaanesh
This is a great campaign if youre looking for a challenge

- The 8 burning books of Khorne are supposedly unholy grimoires bound in brass and written in blood that proclaim the eight unholy aspects of Khorne. They teach the pillars of conduct by which the followers of the Skull Throne must live and contain the names of Khorne’s foremost daemons. Skarbrand, hearing once again of these relics long thought to be myths, thinks that by reading his true name from the book his shattered mind could be healed. If not, the book and the blood and skulls of those protecting it would make a fine tribute to the Blood God.

Let me know what you guys think and if you enjoy them, as I have some other ideas for more thematic campaigns


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