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Multiplayer Campaign Start of Battle Desync

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During a multiplayer campaign in Total War Warhammer 1, at the start of an arbitrary siege battle, the game desyncs.
This desync has occurred in two separate campaigns, with two different players. For the first campaign, we simply waited until the auto-resolve grew strong enough to auto-resolve. However, it has now happened twice.
The first campaign was Warriors of Chaos & Beastmen.
The second campaign is Carcassonne & Warriors of Chaos.

Steps attempted so far:
1) Restarting the game.
2) Restarting our computers.
3) Letting computers cool down*.

No mods were installed at the time of the first desync campaign, mods were installed (but not active) at the time of the second desync campaign.
All DLC's are owned by the other players; I own all but the Wood Elves.
We are playing the game in English.
Download Region is US - Denver.

desync_report.txt is attached.

I did ask for help through SEGA customer support; they referenced me here.

*We experienced a desync once mid battle in a completely different campaign. The problem indicated online was an overheated graphics card.

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