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Lack of gold across the board, and AI not building empires.

Razielts#9401Razielts#9401 Registered Users Posts: 4
There are a few flaws that i feel are specific to IE, or came after IE launched, and its most recent patches that i must enumerate to bring some awareness:

- the fact that the AI seems to have much less money than it had before;

- Landmarks, gold mines, and similar special buildings seem to have been nerfed a lot for a reason i dont understand;

- The AI seems to build smaller empires due to having much less gold to work with;

- The AI seemingly recruits much less armies later in the game, than it does in the early game;

- The AI builds more doomstacks later in the game ( and sometimes earlier ), when in wh2 it built them in a much more balanced manner;

I feel like these factors should be improved over time, so that the overall game experience improves, because at least to me, they contribute heavily for the late game experience to not be on par with Wh2, Yes, the AI building empires can be problematic, and can kill other factions too fast, but the new erractic / chaotic early game already does this.

Also it seems that AI economy has been nerfed a lot to avoid the same factions dominating, but i feel that was a complaint most players had due to their playstyle not being mutable, ( cuz i feel the AI reacts differently depending on how the player behaves ) and in most cases there was an interesting balance achieved in wh2 that must come back to wh3:

Karak 8 peaks threeway:

Sometimes dwarfs won, sometimes Greenskins won, and sometimes Clan Mors Held on long enough for the other two to weaken each other so it could dominate.

The Elf Civil war:

Dark elves would take over the donut, but more often than not HE would either resist long enough to then fight back, or would die later on, or warriors of chaos invading from the north would weaken DE enough for HE to re-take the donut and outright win, or if DE survived WoC, they would turn back the tide.

The Old World:

At the last stretch of wh2, the Ordertide was a bit more balanced, and the VCounts could pressure the Empire, while other enemies of the Empire could also pressure it, to avoid unification, before WoC arrived to tip the scales in any direction so it was fairly balanced.

No more Empire spawn camping Archaon, and bullying him when the chaos invasion began.

To me it feels like IE has a lot of many interesting mechanics that have been made as a base form / groundwork to build on over time, to evolve the game later. It feels this way across the board, but i feel that the overall economy could be improved, and as a side note ( a few more factions should get reinforcement time discounts ) to create more epic battles.

Cuz i like to do 2v2 / 2v3/ 2v4 battles against the ai, making very intense and big battles, and i feel this is lost currently. This is something i feel should come back later, or changed to allow for this to happen. ( heck even factions that dont need two armies that in the lore arent many can do 1v3 for example, the Lizardmen are one of them )
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  • ottakanawa#9312ottakanawa#9312 Registered Users Posts: 170
    Yeah I have no idea why they nerfed ports, mines and landmarks.
  • Jman5#8318Jman5#8318 Registered Users Posts: 2,178
    I have been looking into AI building weights, and it seems like CA reduced the special resource building weight. Not only do some of them provide a large source of income themselves such as gold mines and gems, but many of them provide trade route income as well.

    Without these buildings, the AI's income tends to be much slower to pick up and much lower than one would expect.
  • dogoska#1535dogoska#1535 Registered Users Posts: 148
    Lack of gold and bad building prioritisation are the main culprits as to why the burnout is so fast.
    I don`t think CA has to add cheats for the AI, instead, they should improve base garrisons (so the AI has less reason to spend on garrison buildings) and allow for settlement battle in lever 3 town.
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