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Stuff I think needs to be fixed

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Hello!! I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas and New Years. Now it’s back to working on this fantastic trilogy of warhammer. I am excited for the chaos dwarfs coming and I especially can’t wait for kislev Cathay content. Here is my list of things that need to be fixed and can improve game play a ton.

First thing is wider streets. In Rome 2 you would have to commit 1-2 fully stretched out units to defend a street. I would like that in Warhammer as well. Sieges still feel incredibly slow and annoying and I think the biggest contributor is the narrow streets everywhere. I think going back in and making some open areas as well as wider streets (especially in the chaos fortresses please those are so terrible) will take sieges from mid to much better. You would have to do it for every map which is a lot but it would be well worth it and doesn’t seem that technically taxing.

My next thing I think needs to be fixed is the range unit line of sight issues. I know this one is much less simple and easier said then done but it needs to be fixed. It’s one of those issues that is constant throughout the campaign and drains the player the entire time. They need to stop shuffling forward when they have LOS and archers for some reason have lost the ability to shoot over structures for some reason. The chaos fortress is another good example of this a archer unit cannot shoot over the broken homes from the street and it makes playing those battles even more annoying since they already have incredibly narrow streets. These were not really issues in 2 so I know it’s possible to fix it and it needs to be done.

I would prefer if games ended at 1200-1300 I think if they are slightly shorter than that is the perfect length of time and it will need a strong common tactic known as building up. Currently factions like norsica have all the time in the world to summon their entire army and run over and kill you before time is up.

Another thing for multiplayer is please take belakor and units like hellstriders off the roster. I think WOC in multiplayer should be able to apply marks to the units they already have on their roster and should not gain the units specific from the gods. So units that would be removed for example are hellstriders skullcrushers dual ax warriors. Things that aren’t apart of the regular roster. The other option is to make it so the player one gets one mark per god so only one hellstrider can be taken.

That’s it the top two are biggest priority that need to be fixed please consider it. I’ll leave some fun ideas below

Monstrous infantry getting wallbreaker, a lot more large SEs getting wall breaker

Allow increase growth leveling and upgraded start positions to IE multiplayer campaigns like in darkness and disharmony and like in the kislev campaign. The potential there is endless. Right now it takes 10 hours to really get your campaign started and your empires ready to fight one another but it’s hard to schedule 10 hours worth of time. The option to speeding it up will help immensely.

More dom maps or integrate the total tavern one in.

Thank you! I know you guys are working hard and you have been playing catch-up which is tough but Ik you guys can fix up clean up and then make this game 10x better than 2 so please keep up the hard work.
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