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Known IssueDaemons of Chaos (Legion of Chaos) landmarks - a lot of bugs

Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 397
I like that you guys implemented the Daemons of Chaos race, but the poor Daemon Prince got a shortest end of a stick you've ever seen. Missing landmarks, bugged landmarks, there's so much wrong.

1) They're the only faction in the game that can't build the unique landmark in the Great Desert of Araby, they have simply nothing there. They have a building slot that can't be used.

2) They're the only faction without the Copher Docks chain in Copher:

3) They don't have access to Marienburg's unique docks:

4) Settling Erengrad gives a building called "The Harbour" with no harbour chain showing in the unit browser, and when checking the building chain it actually shows Bordeleux Port, which is of course also incorrect. They should just get access to Erengrad Docks > Harbour > Port:

5) They don't get access to The Sea Dragon's Teeth:

They don't get much aside from that, nothing in Eataine, nothing in Itza or Hexoatl. Nothing in Altdorf or Kislev or Nan-Gau. They do get the "Oak of Ages (Pacified)" but not "The Maelstrom" unique settlement in The Galleon's Graveyard. But the things I mentioned above are the worst, as almost all factions in the game have access to those, even the Beastmen can build the Great Desert of Araby landmark, and all WH3 races got access to things like Copher Docks with the lastest patch, even Khorne and Nurgle etc. But not the Daemons of Chaos.

They don't have any unique landmarks, but also not things like a Looted Lothern Palace or a variant of the tower of Ghrond or something.

Please fix them!
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