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Wood Elves Rituals bugged and partially broken

Hi there,

we are playing a coop-campaign, so I'm not sure if these bugs are coop-only.

Faction played: Talsyn (Orion)

I've completed the Ritual of Athel Loren and the game "knows" that as well (1st screenshot), but itsn't counted as completed in other parts of the game (screenshot 2 and 3). This completely blocks the upgrade of the Oak of Ages as well as the Short Victory and the Long Victory (although the "reward" for the Long Victory is useless anyway...), cf. screenshots. The screenshots were taken around 6 to 8 turns after the ritual of Athel Loren was completed. This bug seems to last forever. Even 20 turns after the screenshot, the Athel Loren ritual is still completely bugged. (I defeated the armies that were spawned in a few turns, so if it wasn't bugged, I should have been able to upgrade the Oak of Ages at around turn 60.)

As for the other Wood Elf Cities: I can start the ritual there, but after completing them, the violet symbol next to the city shows that the ritual is completed (similar to the 1st screenshot of Athel Loren) while the rest of the game doesn't "know" that. At least these ones do have a counter of 8 turns, so once the counter reaches 0 the game acknowledges the ritual of the normal wood elf city to be completed. The problem here is that it wastes an enormous amount of time (in game): I can't upgrade/build the land mark building of the city until the counter finally reaches 0 AND I can't start any other ritual in the other wood elf cities until one counter is finished (because it's designed so that you can't start a new ritual until the active ritual of another normal wood elf city is completed) AND I can't research the other "amber"-technologies, because I'd have to complete the ritual to get amber. In addition, this bug costs tens of thounds of gold per turn until the landmark of the Wood Elf City in Cathay can finally be built (upkeep reduction for all forest spirit units).


  • dubbart#3527dubbart#3527 Registered Users Posts: 1
    We experienced same issue with my friends and we play FFA Campaign in Immortal Empires. Any luck solving this ?
  • #351741#351741 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited April 2
    Same. I've tried looking through the save files, tweaking random settings to see if that bumps anything along, and redoing the entire ritual. Kinda hurting my enjoyment of the WE. Played as the Twilight Sisters, and my first ritual completed was in Cathay.

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