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Snotlings as 100 Gold Chaff for the Greenskins

erhartm91#4908erhartm91#4908 Registered Users Posts: 70
Right now, the only snotling units we have in Total War: Warhammer III are the snotling pump wagons.

I think that there should also be regular snotling units as expendable chaff infantry and, for a bit more gold, a ranged variant that throws rocks or knives. Think along the lines of Brettonian peasant mobs or Skaven skavenslaves. Even if they’re practically useless and no one ever actually uses them, I think it’d still be fun to have them in there to fill out the roster.

Speaking of skavenslaves, please don’t have AI Greenskin armies just spam snotling armies. While we’re on the subject, please don’t let AI Skaven armies spam skavenslave armies if the faction can afford better troops anymore.
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