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Recreating garrisons

Secuter#4520Secuter#4520 Registered Users Posts: 2,397
Since the introduction of minor settlements, garrisons has been very weak. I understand the background for this, as the build-able towers easily could decimate powerful armies and larger more potent garrisons would allow them the time to actually do that. Especially against armies with poor ranged capabilities.

Yet, the very weak garrisons are generally uninteresting, and it never really feels like your garrisons are able to stand up to anything. Not even the major cities or legendary cities has garrisons that can do much.
This is firstly not particularly interesting, as the AI cities are exceptionally weak - even the legendary ones. And secondly, it feels bad that the garrisons are this poor.

So, my suggestion is:
1. Bring back garrisons like those in WH2
2. Build-able Towers should not have AOE weapons. Either it should max be at lvl2 or allow lvl3-4 which would have increased damage and fire-rate, but still no AOE. In this way, Build-able towers would become more like attrition and battle support not major damage dealers in their own rights.
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