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3-way Battle results in AI teaming up against you

MGSilencer#8226MGSilencer#8226 Registered Users Posts: 1
Build 2.3.0, playing as Kislev (Kostaltyn). Attacking city of Dhazhyn on turn 4, but is is already under siege by Norsca (Throgg's army). I declare war on the Wintertooth Norsca so I can attack their army and then attack the city next, but there's a hiccup. The attack on Throgg shows 2 reinforcing armies. Both a general with his small army representing the Ungol Kindred/Kislev (garrisoned in the city), and the garrison of Dhazhyn.

Unless there's some RP mechanic representing an enemy of my enemy situation, 2 nations at war shouldn't be allying together to battle a 3rd enemy.

I put the battle on fast forward to confirm, and the Ungols joined the Wintertooth lines to face me as a united group.


  • tookieroberts#9513tookieroberts#9513 Registered Users Posts: 6
    I wonder if it can be used in player's favor in the right circumstances. (like if you were sieging and the third party came to fight you) Kind of like a "stay out of our fight" mechanic.
  • #97244#97244 Registered Users Posts: 144
    Most likely it would be always against the player. It should be either 1v1v1 or, what i think is best and most realistic, the besieged watches while the besieger and other army fight it out. Why would you sally out when you can let your enemies kill each other?

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