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How to fix the "gate bug"

Admiral_Spyre#5113Admiral_Spyre#5113 Registered Users Posts: 67
The "gate bug" is one of the most famous in total war history, though I don't completely understand why it is so hard to fix.
"If the gate is attacked (by enemy forces), it can not open (becomes impassable terrain)." The AI would not be able to give Attack orders with melee units. As long as the gate would be attacked, it would just work like a wall. Of course this would take some effort to implement this change, but it would be definitely worth it.

Please, for the sake of humanity, fix this bug.


  • #97244#97244 Registered Users Posts: 144
    The thing is that the ability of the defender to charge out is essential. You should be able to move out. Don't abuse it if that is the issue?
  • Admiral_Spyre#5113Admiral_Spyre#5113 Registered Users Posts: 67
    Yeah I strongly disagree with that. There is zero tactical advantage to move outside the gates, when they attacked at the moment. So this does n' count.
  • #97244#97244 Registered Users Posts: 144
    so you may not do this but I have and it has worked for me.
    Do not deny someone simply because it does not match up to what your understanding is.

    Who are you that because you strongly disagree with something it doesn't count? I'll answer for you: Nobody.

    and again I go back to the same point.
    If you have an issue with a bug that then do not abuse it yourself and problem should be gone for the most part.
  • Admiral_Spyre#5113Admiral_Spyre#5113 Registered Users Posts: 67
    Calm down a bit. Okay, maybe it was a bit rude. However, if a battleram is banging against your gate, or hundreds of men, who are trieng to push through, logically it makes zero sense to open the gate then. Not only because the opening mechanism could get hurt, but rather because you want to keep these guys outside your castle. Fighting against them hand to hand combat, while you could shoot as them or hurt them with hot oil is just not really a good option you know.
  • #97244#97244 Registered Users Posts: 144
    A damaged opening mechanism for a victory. Trade off seems pretty good for me. To be fair though I do not think of those things as I am not particular about that but I can appreciate where you are coming from.

    WIth the magical ladders walls are not that important to me. Archers on them invariably have to be repositioned and if they are slow, like cathay, then it is almost painful the amount of time it can take and how early you have to pull back.

    I personally would like to have the ability to deploy just slightly outside the walls. my archers would have a great advantage with increased range, angle of fire, and missile resistance while my melee troops would stop them from ever docking on the wall. This means my archers would never stop shooting and the wall towers would do more damage to them and I would have to be aware of the potential friendly fire rather than these magical towers throughout the city.

    This tactic would work great against fast infantry who would be able to chase down my slower archers meaning repositioning isn't really worth it.

    Sieges really need some retuning overall.

  • Admiral_Spyre#5113Admiral_Spyre#5113 Registered Users Posts: 67
    Agreed with this approach. This strategy does sound very interesting indeed and it is a shame that it is impossible to deploy outside the walls.
    Sieges definitly need a rework. Hoping for the road map.

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