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Horse-sized (and smaller) flying units should be able to hide in forests

Admiral_Spyre#5113Admiral_Spyre#5113 Registered Users Posts: 67
edited January 21 in Warhammer Battle Feedback
The headline already says everything. In my opinion, it is just very strange that longma riders, Pegasus knights, Furies and the list goes on and on cannot hide in forests when landed. It takes a lot of tactical depth out of the game and makes such units less viable compared to units like hippogryph knights. You could expand this feature even further, by making rare exceptions like forest dragons, which could hide in forests too, when landed.

To be completely honest, when CA first announced, that flying units will be able to land, I thought, this mechanic would be instantly in the game and was quite disappointed when I realized it was not. I hope that this will be implemented at some point, the sooner, the better.

If you like the suggestion or have an idea of how to improve it consider leaving a short comment :).
CA has to notice this!

With love from Germany

Your Admiral


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