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Nakai Again : Borrowed Armies with Alliance Point bugged ( stance, horde and army number limit)

Strepan#1590Strepan#1590 Registered Users Posts: 22
Nakai again and again !

This time the bug is about "request army" feature. Nakai can't build outpost but can gain alliance points and use them to request an allied army like any faction.

Except that in the case of Nakai, said army 1/ is now an horde 2/ takes one of the few precious available army slots. Nakai can only build a limited number of armies ( by tech and its special own horde building) and borrowed armies spend this ressource.

You can even borrow your vassal's army from the rite ( and it counts against your army number limit).

Finally last bug about borrowed armies : since you turned them into hordes, if you build something the army will go into encamp stance and the whole stance interface will disappear :( meaning you can't leave encamp stance.

Version 2.3.0

See you next bug !

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