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Allow Us To Choose Between Playing With A Demon Prince With Mix Lore Or Pure Lore In Rank PVP

Hippi02#5671Hippi02#5671 Registered Users Posts: 74
hello and greetings, we all know when we play a Demon Prince Lord in ranked PVP like a Demon Prince of Nurgle, it has a Lore Mix between Death/Nurgle and for Slaanesh is Slaanesh/Shadows and for Tzeentch is Tzeentch/Metal, I just feel it would be nice to have the opportunity and choice to choose between a Demon Prince With Mix Lore Or Pure Lore, like we can choose having a Demon Prince of Nurgle With Pure Lore of Death

And also expand the choice to the other factions like Warriors of Chaos and Demons of Chaos as a lord choice In Rank PVP

And Mix Lore Demon Prince to Demons of Chaos as a lord choice if they ever will be available In Rank PVP

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