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Very Hard+ Mode

bigredneck#6015bigredneck#6015 Registered Users Posts: 3
As an accessibility item, a mode that allows you to keep the buffs that the AI gets in campaign and the player hindrances BUT allows you to toggle other aspects of the mode would be very helpful. The two suggestions I would have would be to allow mid turn saves and to allow battle pausing (or toggling battle realism I suppose). Saves would help for people with limited time to play / people who have systems prone to crashing. Pausing during battles would allow people to better enjoy the various skills their units have earned / not have to be as reliant on hot keys for each battle.
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  • bigredneck#6015bigredneck#6015 Registered Users Posts: 3
    *the buffs / hindrances in legendary campaign. The idea would be the campaign difficulty of legendary but open to more casual players / players with accessibility needs. Shouldn't be called legendary, hence VH+
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