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IE Mannfred : Fifth Book of Nagash not applying correct bonuses

Strepan#1590Strepan#1590 Registered Users Posts: 26

Playing as Mannfred, I noticed that the fifth book of Nagash bonuses are not applying correctly. I tested it by disbanding all my armies to remove the supply lines factor and took screenshots.

Normally the bonuses are as follow :

-5% upkeep, -10% Recruitment cost, +1 Local Recruitment capacity

About the -5% upkeep, here is a screenshot with a lvl 1 lord so there is no other bonuses or variables applying :

74 instead of 75 is not a 5% discount. It should be 71 or 72 depending of the rounding error. The vampire lord is also 248 instead of 250 whereas a 5% discount should give 237,5 upkeep not 248. A black Knight has also an upkeep of 186 instead of 188, again not a 5% discount.

It's not a visual bug from the recruitment screen since I tested it with an already recruited skeleton and various units raised with raise dead mechanism.

Same for the 10% recruitment bonus :

285 instead of 300 is not a 10% bonus but a 5% bonus.
Same for the black knight : 713 instead of 750 so again a 5% discount.

Bonuses are basically half of what is promised. Perhaps the bug is related to the Mannfred landmark ( which I don't have yet) doubling the effect of books except that somewhere in the code, the game decided that it meant dividing the basic bonuses by half as long as you don't have the landmark.

Even more strange, if you try to recruit in the Ka-Sabar region with the City of Bronze landmark bonus and its own 10% discount, you get the right 20% discount : as you can see with the screenshot below, a skeleton warrior price is 240 instead of 300, a 20% discount, meaning that in this case the 10% discount from the book and the 10% discount from the landmark stack correctly.

The local recruitment capacity bonus seems to be working as intended ( tested both in regions with building bonuses and without)

Have a good day !

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