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When and what do you think will bring us the roadmap as we are heading to February



  • DarthEnderX-#6513DarthEnderX-#6513 Registered Users Posts: 7,469

    This is no different than enjoying games or media associated with other terrible people. Lovecraft is another famous author and horrible racist and yet his work is omnipresent in fantasy.

    Lovecraft is no longer capable of profiting from his works on account of his deadness.
    "Assassination's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it."
  • DrazhoaththeAshen#9598DrazhoaththeAshen#9598 Registered Users Posts: 928
    Have we reached the point where we are using 'puritanical' to criticize people who are taking a stand against JK Rowling based on her LGBT comments? That's kinda weird considering, ya know... the puritans and their whole...scene.
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  • Kannabyss420#5579Kannabyss420#5579 Registered Users Posts: 198
    Good to see that rampant egos are always willing to derail a topic for their desperate need to virtue signal. :D

    If people feel that strongly about a topic that has nothing to do with what the OP presented, then those people should head to correct forums or post on social media, where such valiant wokeness will be rewarded with empty platitudes and such enlightened morals or strength of character will be lauded by other empty shells of sentient beings. You can get high off each others farts all day long.

    I suggest stepping out your sheltered lives for but a moment and buying a homeless person a meal for the day, then you can actually do some good in the world and get those positive endorphins flowing, whilst at the same time, not be an insufferable jack--- to strangers on the internet.
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  • #326352#326352 Registered Users Posts: 685
    What happened? I went out with some friends and now we are talking about Hogwarts legacy.

    I'll most likely buy the game. It looks amazing but I'll wait for reviews if it’s worth the 60/80 bucks/euros. I am not a really Harry Potter fan, but I watched the films and it has something catching like lord of the rings. I’ve watched a sketch today where they had funny similarities. Not close ones but funny. Here you go if you want something little funny.


    But let's talk about the topic. I really love talking about the game (Hogwarts legacy and other things) but that’s off topic (me talking about off topic when I talked about Stellaris and paradox in other posts.)

    I hope we get a roadmap soon, but don’t expect a really surprising roadmap.
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