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A list of very easy and fast fixes/additions that CA could include in next patch

Sagez#6761Sagez#6761 Registered Users Posts: 775
- Greater Arcane Conduit for Khatep and Alarielle
- add Underway stance for Skrag*
- let Sigvald recruit Exalted Daemonettes (maybe at tier 4 main building?) - Morathi can!
- buff Lore of Ice a little because people always take Lore of Tempest
- make sure that Ungrim has better slayers than Thorek. As far as I know Thorek can buff slayers much than than Ungrim which is... not ideal

* Ogre Kingdoms need extra attention, especially Skrag and Greasus, it's a complex matter and this thread is about easy and fast fixes

Post your propositions folks, don't ask for things like new animations though, keep it simple


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