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How to modify the value for release/ransom captives?

Askeroth#4455Askeroth#4455 Registered Users Posts: 2


I am currently working on a mod that modifies the recruitment costs.

But the post battle loot AND the reward for the post battle loot option ransom/release scale with the recruitment costs of the armies involved in the battle, which take a big, not wanted impact on the balance

I have been able to find and adjust the factor for post battle loot.

But not for the post battle loot option "ransom/release", only a clue.

I think it has something to do with the value "income_based_on_rival_army_cost".
Which can be found under DB/captive_option_actions_tables.

What this line is based on and how I can change it, I unfortunately don't know.
Can someone help me there?


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