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ambush in simultaneous turns

F0X#5658F0X#5658 Registered Users Posts: 7
the problem comes down to the counter play dose not work in simultaneous turns , hero detection is end of turn but an army can repeatedly change back to ambush stance in simultaneous turns , the attacking army triggers the ambush in encamp stance the ambushing army will still be given an "opportunity to attack" so they decline and retreat for a free bit of movement , then they can re enter ambush stance , and repeat till the encamp stance army is out of movement , it seems unreasonable that ambush is so strong tactically and that it has more movement than encamp stance.

there is also an issue of moving into an enime army's zone of control and hitting backspace, to essentially be in ambush stance ontop of someone.

i would suggest a few options , for balance changes .
1, lower ambush stance move distance to match or less than encamp stance.

2, the turn ambush stance is assumed it consumes all movement to do so.

3, if you are revealed you cannot assume ambush stance again untill next turn.

4, i don't know how hard it would be to code but have heros have detection chance apply apon being a nearby ambushed army?

maybe this is a better place to discuss this issue rather than general.

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