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Demon Prince Enhanced Customization

#403396#403396 Registered Users Posts: 50
Demon Prince is a great idea, but that campaign has two problems. First, the customization is SEVERELY hindered by the fact that you are forced to make a choice somewhere in the middle to align yourself with a Chaos God or remain undivided, which locks out all the other options in terms of gear. This, in my opinion, is an absolutely terrible idea that takes a super-fun mechanic and reduces the number of customizations from thousands to like 10 real choices - there are 5 paths, and each one has two armor sets, with minor variations.How much cooler would it be if we could access all the coolest gear from all gods at all times? And then, if the player prefers Khorne, have him equip most of Khorne's strongest armors. Not only would the Demon prince get a buff which he needs, to distinuish him from other demon princes, but it would breathe new life into a boring, but cool-in-concept mechanic, and putting the choice of looks specifically in player's hands. Second, why does he not have a tech tree? This faction can have the coolest tech tree ever - split into four parts, and each part empowers different god, and units of a different god. There are so many things you can put into the tech tree - one thing I want to see is the tech that allows the Greater Demons to get additional bound spells, like the other factions get, but there is so much more.

What do you guys think? Discuss in the comments!


  • Slugus#5078Slugus#5078 Registered Users Posts: 1,039
    There are mods to do what you're after if you want to do all 5 paths. As for the tech tree, the tech boosts are in the gifts page... some units end up stronger than the mono factions and others (particularly the greater daemons) are weaker.

    It is great as it is, in my opinion, that the mono greater daemons end up stronger than the same unit in either Legions of Chaos or Warriors of Chaos... it seems fitting to me.
  • DarthEnderX-#6513DarthEnderX-#6513 Registered Users Posts: 9,289
    In IE at least, you should be able to max out all 5 paths.

    There's more than enough Glory to be had.
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