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New voice lines for Game 1 and 2 LL's?

MagosHal#5659MagosHal#5659 Registered Users Posts: 29
edited February 17 in General Discussion
The voice actors for Franz, Teclis and Thorgrim came back to voice them in the Immortal Empires trailer. I think this is the first time since game 1 and 2 that they've recorded anything new.

Now I still have the game installed in my computer and I checked out that there is nothing really new coming from the above Legendary Lords.

With Patch 3.0 coming eventually, perhaps on April, apparently this upcoming patch may be the biggest yet. You think it will come with new voice lines for the previous factions and/or Legendary Lords? Or am I just getting my hopes up and the Immortal Empires trailer was just a special case?


  • Kn_Gars#2718Kn_Gars#2718 Registered Users Posts: 3,591
    Until we see evidence for actual new voice lines I will just assume that they brought back 3 voice actors as part of the marketing campaign for the 'release' of IE from Beta. CA did the same thing with the reveal of the IE map, they had the Advisor narrate the whole video but he did no voice acting for the actual campaign.

    Of course CA can be holding back the new voice acting for when the start positions for IE are more set in stone. Or the voice acting could be for new campaigns on the RoC map.
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  • pblllrr#9773pblllrr#9773 Registered Users Posts: 387
    I'd love to see it, but I have zero hope for it.
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