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Ars Aethyrica: It Shall Not Pass!

Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Registered Users Posts: 19,401
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It's not a phase, CA!

It has been a year since the Game3 release. The time has come for me to address the situation of the Exalted Lord of Change model and animations.

It is unacceptable. The Exalted Lord of Change is the least polished Greater Daemon model in the game.

Let's have a look at EGD concept arts:





Yes, the Exalted Lord of Change has only a new head, wings and a weapon. The rest is kitbashing based on Sarthorael, the Forgeworld LoC.

The other Greater Daemons come with different sets of weapons and animations for SEM and Exalted versions. Not the Lords of Change, though. They only wield staves.

What's worse, even the new parts are lacklustre. For example, the wings lack additional claws and a pair of arms holding glorious, burning symbols of Tzeentch:

The heads look good on their own, but their variants are limited only to ornaments. You won't find a metal beak like in the screenshot above, or a metal-covered skull head like in the screenshot below:

Not to mention the absence of all the fine details that can be found on the new miniature, which, by the way, happens to be my favourite Greater Daemon.

Now, a word about SEM Lord of Change. In update 2.0* CA decided to make the model more distinct from Sarthorael:

By simplifying its design. It no longer has ornate headwear and neckguard. The amulet is nowhere to be found. And what's the worst, CA changed the staff, which means that the SEM LoC has less unique animations than before, because the tentacle staff was linked with a sync kill.

The Mirrors of Madness is on the way, lost somewhere on the fluctuating horizon. Clearly, the advertisement for it is Tzeentch-themed. It's the best time to finally update model & animations of the Exalted Lord of Change. I don't expect you, CA, to update the SEM beyond textures(if we are lucky), but I do expect you to update the Lord one. At least do the bare minimum and elevate it to the same quality level as other Greater Daemons.

Changes I want to see:
1. Sword and animations for it
2. Additional pair of claws and arms sprawling from the wings, carrying the burning symbols of Tzeentch
3. Bejewelled, flame-shaped vambraces
4. More head options, with more than one tongue, just like Kairos has
5. Also like Kairos, its body textures should be more detailed and feathery

I want to see all the great details that make this fantastic miniature so wonderful. Make it look like a truly eldritch bird daemon that it is supposed to be.

*Thanks for the SEM LoC comparison screenshot go to @NickCageStoleMyFace#5594

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