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Known IssueSome quest battles are still bugged - dark screen before cutscene mid-battle lasts forever

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The final quest battles for Taurox (The heart of darkness) and Thorek Ironbrow (The lost treasure room) are still bugged.

When first objective is reached (defeat Morghur for beastmen or defeat first scaven lord and take high ground for dwarfs), screen darkens, text pop-up, custcene should begin few seconds later, but black screen never ends. Moreover, pressing Esc button in Tauorox battle don`t show menu (alt+tab and force exit the game helps), while Thorek battle allows open menu and exit batlle. Finally, initial cutscenes just show battlefiled form afar from one angle entie time for those 2 battles or from random angles, terrain under map instead of actual terrain for most other battles (probably map changes in TWWH 3 were not adjusted when porting maps and quest battle scripts which move camrea during custcenes from TWWH 2). For example, there is no way to see Archan the Black and his army near Nagash Pyramid if playing as other 3 tomb kings LL "Battle near Black Pyramid" quest battle - they appear far afar from the other side ofthe map in that cutscene, and player-controllable ierotitan is shown too zoomed-in, near it`s legs). Those intial custscenes are broken for almost all quest battles of all races and lords.

Tried with both mods and no mods, at different graphical settings - problem persists. I thank CA for fixing Throt final battle (Ariel is present on battlefield from the start now, just as in TWWH 2), but 2 other quest battles are still unplayable, just check them from main menu-battles-special battles.

P.S. I`m sorry for possible off-top, but need to notice these issues, too. I`m glad for IE (bougth all total war games and dlcs long before it) and small patch during anniversary, but some bugs and missing features remain the whole year and shall be fixed eventually.

First, fortunately, pixelated lava is almost gone, but still present in small quantities on some chaos-themed maps.

Mods fix the second problem, but graphic optoins must include sub-menu which allow choose the level of built-in campaign and battle map depth of field - the weird blur when moving camera around, creating pseudo-cinematic effect which is good in movies but this game lose it`s beauty in my vision - just add options to choose, e.g., 50% (default), 25%, 10%, 0%(off).
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    Hey @#918715

    Thanks for raising this up. I've gone ahead & reported these to the team to look into.

    All the best,
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