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Move Khatep to the Far East - Mountains of Mourn

Runix#6263Runix#6263 Registered Users Posts: 51
Why Move Khatep?

Lots of good reasons.
  • In his current start, he has just a narrow strip of habitable terrain, but is otherwise surrounded by unpleasant and uninhabitable terrain.
  • The far east has habitable terrain for Khatep as far as the eye can see - the Mountains of Mourn, the Dark Lands, and the Warpstone Desert are all full of habitable terrain.
  • The far northwest is really crowded with Legendary Lords.
  • The far east isn't crowded. Yet!
  • The far east could use more faction variety. The Mountains of Mourn are all ogre now way too uniform. And Greasus and Grimgor could use some competition.
  • Hypothetically, CA could already be moving some things around in the Dark Lands for unannounced future content . . . so, you know, while things are being moved around, may as well move Khatep in there . . .
The best open location right now is probably right in the middle of the Mountains of Mourn, south of Grimgor but north of Greasus. It's all habitable terrain, and there's still plenty of room for Khatep to expand without running into Grimgor or Greasus or name of new content redacted.

Why "Modders Will Fix It" Isn't the Answer

Unfortunately, modders can't easily fix this. Khatep isn't as easy to move as other factions since his book locations should also be moved, so he doesn't have to go across the entire world to get them.

I will admit that moving the book locations is certainly the biggest complication here. But the ones tied to cities should be easy enough to move, so the main effort would be moving the rogue armies. One or two of the book locations could maybe stay where they are, but most should be moved closer to Khatep's new start location. But since CA has already moved around the locations for Khatep's books once, they certainly could be moved again.
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