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Warhammer 3 Charge problem

Blakclight#3000Blakclight#3000 Registered Users Posts: 31
I have seen so many post about the weakness of the charge impacting mostly cavalry ,chariot and monster the most and they do in fact feel underwhelming especially chariot.
But i think playing a bit with skarbrand or with slaanesh chariot give a good insight as to WHY ! The charge dommage is spread into two : the impact dommage and the stats bonus . I think the problem lies in the impact dommage as it is done when a model is going THROUGH another unit BUT in warhammer 3 when ordered to charge a unit the charging unit stop INSTANTANOUSLY when it get into contact on a unit model making the the impact dommage negligible.
A good test of that is that when you order to attack a unit JUST behind your target the charging skarbrand will inflict impact dommage properly to the target because he doesn't stop until he hit the unit behind. And he also does the charge stat bonus properly because he is stuck before getting out and fight your target.

Having a good portion of the power of a unit be dependent upon a micro trick is really weird and shouldn't happen it make impact unit like the chariot really bad if you don't know the trick or if the circumstance don't happen !
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