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Missing Skyboxes and Bad lighting- Immortal Empires Quest Battles

Xareo999#3145Xareo999#3145 Registered Users Posts: 1
Some Quest Battles (e.g. Tyrion Dragon Armor of Aenerion, Sword of Teclis, Malekith Destroyer, Archaon Slayer of Kings, Eye of Sheerian) are missing proper lighting and skyboxes. In Custom Battles those maps have different skyboxes but still they lack VFX and lighting to set the mood (Eye of Sheerian, The slayer of kings and basically all chaos wastes maps were way more darker and had ash falling from the sky. Magma on Vauls Anvils in WH3 is just static textue and it looks awful maybe due to bad lighting or it lacks some VFX on top of it).

This problemt was already in 2.0. For a while I thought that my PC is the problem because nobody is talking about it but then I looked at some YT videos and saw the same problem.

This is lighting problem is something that need fix soon because game looks needlesly worse.


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