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IE/ROC Coop Campaign Frequent crashes, unable to continue any campaign around turn 70-90

Violettt#6770Violettt#6770 Registered Users Posts: 2
Since the launch of this game, I have completed very few cooperative campaigns with my friend due to a high prevalence of bugs. Specifically, once we reach turns 70 or higher, we encounter various bugs that impede our gameplay experience. For instance, clicking on certain in-game events and actions causes the game's music to momentarily stop before ultimately crashing. In one instance, clicking on an event in the top right corner of the screen resulted in a crash, while clicking on diplomacy or attacking a dying faction and causing the "faction destroyed" popup to appear resulted in another crash. Even simply hovering over a treasure icon in the sea has caused crashes. These issues render the game unplayable, and while we could reload a previous save, we inevitably encounter the same bugs a few turns later.

We both possess relatively high-performing computer setups (an i9 10900k/rtx 4090 for my friend and a Ryzen 3900xt/rx6800 for myself), and we have played with all mods disabled and with the latest driver updates installed. Despite this, we continue to encounter these bugs, and it is becoming frustrating to waste over 8 hours on campaigns only to have them disrupted by these issues. If further information is necessary to investigate and resolve these issues, I would be more than happy to provide it. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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