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Ntw voice lines and dialogues

Ibrahim_Amine#1128Ibrahim_Amine#1128 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited February 24 in Napoleon: Total War
Hi there,
I remembered a french line that is triggered when your general is dead in battle and i wonder if i memorize it correctly. It goes like : "...c'est un jour noir que ce jour".
Knowing french myself, i'm pretty much sure i misheard it, considering that the developers had a crew whose task is to come up with such lines that are grammatically correct.
With all that, it awakened in me the curiosity to remember the other lines, except i can't. So, if anyone would like to give me some clarifications for my suspicions about the first one and list the rest of the lines, itll be wonderful!
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  • Archimonde#3681Archimonde#3681 Registered Users Posts: 85
    edited April 30
    Hey , if it is not to late :

    "Monsieur, votre général a été tué. C'est un jour noir que ce jour."

    The second sentence is grammatical correct in French, but old fashoned and a little bit distinguished. It is consistent for the napoleonic area.
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