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Dawn of War

WhySoSalty#3990WhySoSalty#3990 Registered Users Posts: 1,697
So first of all i know that im offtopic here but im pretty sure a lot of ppl here can help me.

I kinda missed the 40k stuff till today and just started reading the lore etc. Now i want a good strategy game and obviously its Dawn of War 2. So here the questions:

1. Why ppl say that DoW 3 is so bad? Whats the big difference to 2?
2. What version on steam should i get? i mean there is a pack for 161 bucks. I want the full experience (all races/factions).
3. Is there a campaign/sandbox?
4. or maybe there is a completely different strategy game to get into 40k?

Thanks in advance
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  • lcmiracle#6727lcmiracle#6727 Registered Users Posts: 1,326
    Think this should be in chat

    Looking up on steam store, I don't see any point in getting the other two packages either -- I think they just gives you some cosmetic goodies and OSTs and such. But note that one of the bonuses I read there were skins for the three races that are themed after CoH2 factions, in case that's your jam.

    But anyway, I've never played DoW3, so I can only go with reputation. Apparently the campaign is linear as well as the fact that there is no separated race campaigns -- there's one campaign you jump through the three playable factions (SM, Orks, Eldar)

    People joked that it's basically Starcraft when it came out: the units, for some bizarre reasons, are designed to be samey in functions across factions, Eldar apparently gets void shield across the board?

    Another commonly told joke is that they made the game intoa MOBA. The actual critism underneath it is though, the game's maps all follows the "three-lane tower defense" formula. Personally that's not terrible if Relic just added in more varied maps, but at least the starting offers were poor.

    From what I've gathered the final boss is a Daemon of Khorne, as is Relic's wont; but you don't really fight CSM since the main baddie is an Eldar Autarch. Also seems like you gotta equip upgrades to units before a match, which has as far as I am concern, drastically reduced my options and flexibility of playstyle.

    The gameplay is like neither DoW I nor DoW II, it aims to strike somewhere in between, I guess, but the scale of battle is not as grand as DoW I, yet the micro-intensiveness is also not at the level of DoW II.

    What turned me from getting the game is the lack of battle details. In both DOW I and II you have sync kills, most units have multiple upgrades (which change their in-game models too), in DOWII there's a very immersive cover system. All of it gone. When I think of a DOW III before it was released, I thought it'd have been like DOWII on the scale of DOWI, with the unit variety of I, instead I saw the worst of both put into one game.

    There's also not a DLC, as far as I can tell, so you are stuck with the three factions unless there are mods that change that.

    IMHO Soulstorm with mods is far better.
  • Slugus#5078Slugus#5078 Registered Users Posts: 1,038
    Played a heap of DOW 1 and loved it, never liked DOW 2... I have DOW 3 as I preordered it but haven't actually ever booted it up! lol.
  • SerPus#7395SerPus#7395 Registered Users Posts: 11,004

    Why ppl say that DoW 3 is so bad?

    It's not as bad as people make it sound, but it's not a well-designed game either. Some mechanics don't work as intended, balancing was weird and the game was dropped really fast so there is barely any content.
    If you are only interested in the singleplayer campaign then you can play it just fine.
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