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Texture Glitch - Figured it out. *DO NOT* use Battle Realism, it will brick the game.

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No, I don't have any mods at the moment, the screenshot was taken in a game where I had only one mod so thats why it has the pixel in left bottom corner, and that was " no curruption graphics" since the corruption spread around border has still not been fixed and its extremely immersion breaking.

It's happening in modded but also non-modded version. Yes, I validated files numerous times. Yes, I manually deleted every file in game directory and did a clean install. And it's still happening. The only thing I got from official support is "validate your files, reinstall the game, and delete your mods." Even thou I specifically told them in my first email I sent them I already did that before contacting them + a fresh clean install as well. They also told me to run steam as Admin and the game as Admin. Did that but no change.

It's really starting to get annoying at this point.

My rig:
RTX 3080 Supreme X - This should be more than plenty to max out WH 3 with 0 issues.
32GB RAM 3300MHz

On reddit some people thought it's GPU overheating. It's not I did a custom battle with 8 skavenslaves armies 23K units on the field at once with maxed settings, and the GPU never went above 55C. So then the only person who was so far able to come up with some competent ideas how to solve it told me it might be my GPU not utilizing 100% of its power, Yeah, that's what I would expect from a non GPU heavy game, so I tested it, many games + 3DMark stress test were able to easily push it to 100% while maintaining around 63-65C at 100% GPU usage.

Funnily enough IE campaign map has my GPU running at 100%, while the battles at 50%-70%, which again, completely reasonable since this is not a game 12GB VRAM card couldn't easily handle.

EDIT: Turns out, it's "Battle Realism" Since I disabled that, I can run 40ish mods with 0 issues, it most likely has somethign to do with the camera limit from your units.
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