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Campaign Map FPS spikes/stutter

CalorieMate#6681CalorieMate#6681 Registered Users Posts: 1
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  • Build Number: 1.7.1 Build 17847.0 (modded)
  • Detailed description of your issue: With vsync enabled, on the campaign map, I experience weird FPS spikes. This does NOT happen when I press k to remove the UI. With vsync disabled the scrolling performance is still choppy, but its not stop-and-go, as it is with vsync.
  • Reproduction steps: Playing the game. I am 110% certain that this issue did NOT occur last night, when I started the game for the first time after installation, but only today, when starting it for the second time. Also, other installed TW games(Warhammer 2) do not have that issue. It is a fresh install of the game and I do not have any mods installed.
Here is a screenshot of the campaign benchmark after just moving the camera around in circles.

I've also attached a short screencapture video of the issue, also showing how disabling the UI, instantly solves the problem.
  • Details of any solutions that have already been attempted: Changing the settings from Ultra(recommended) to low, verifying the game files in Steam, restarting the PC, deleting the appdata folder for ThreeKingdoms

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