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Gate bug Unicorn gate

Nynni577#7148Nynni577#7148 Registered Users Posts: 20
edited March 3 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Gates wont open when playing defend settlement battle on "unicorn gate" map. IDK if its relevant but I play as Volkmar the Grim and was attacked by Sigvald the magnificient.

Edit: yes icon green and I had units nearby it. Stil would not open
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  • kyle18#8779kyle18#8779 Registered Users Posts: 15
    I confirm, even as elves, the door never belongs to the owner of the colony, even if the area is captured from the start
  • dikkepater95#6013dikkepater95#6013 Registered Users Posts: 1
    yup i have the same problem but at the phoenix gate playing as tyrion. im being attack by that daemon b'lakor and i cant seem to win the battle.

    im pretty sure i would manage to pull it off if i could send my silver helms out through the gate to attack them in the rear as they only attack 1 side of the settlement

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