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Quest Battle Locations / Points of Interest maps do not work in WH3

Graden#6734Graden#6734 Registered Users Posts: 740
Many points of interest have unique battle maps, if you happen to fight a battle close by. Many quest battles take place near points of interest and use these special battle maps. In WH2, you could see almost every quest battle location detail, like Ikit's quest battle with animated meteors falling down.

If you were to trigger a battle in the vicinity of the quest locations, the said quest battle map would load, with any lord, of any faction. I know this after frequent testing that I did back then. This was very good for the variety of maps as well as because all quest maps look awesome.

Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. I tested this without mods at all, I've been running on top of them waiting to get attacked. To my disappointment, generic land battles loaded in their place.

In WH3 game 1 battle locations are basically all present with the exception of a few. And they also have really cool lore blurbs.

However basically the entirety of game 2 battle locations are either present but with no lore blurb (ex. altar of ultimate darkness, tower of arkhan) or, in most cases, simply not present on the map. The most obvious is in Lustria. There is supposed to be tons there, but they're all simply absent and have no visual representation. To name a few by memory:

isle of crimson skull

the mosquito swamps

the cavern of the great bat

the gwakmol crater for tehenhauins quest (there's an empty patch of land instead)

the meteor shower of ikit

the besieged coastal village of Markus

kroaks Temple (tho the southland version is there still)

the underground mortuary of tzalqua

tiktaqtos giant temple in the Southlands

The only game 2 quest battle that is present with a lore blurb are the Fallen Gates.

Only generic battle maps load instead of the unique maps, that most of the time look way out of place too. One of the biggest examples, Black Fire Pass. If you fight there, it loads an Empire themed green forest / choke point battle.
Hopefully this is just an oversight and not an intended change that will get fixed eventually, as it takes away plenty of cool looking maps from the game.


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