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Unable to play game with US friend, UK friends work fine (UK based)

Howdoidjent#1155Howdoidjent#1155 Registered Users Posts: 1
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I convinced a US friend I play lots of games with the buy WH3 and play with me during the sale, he spent about $120 on it, but we simply cannot play Immortal empires.

Every time we end a turn, next turn we get "desync detected" without fail, and have to resync, upon resyncing we can play for 1 turn, but then it continues like this.

Even using a VPN tunnel and doing a local game also causes this issue. so its the game not network connectivity

this is not playable, and I can play MANY other games fine with him, including stellaris a similar 4DX. it is only WH3 and immortals empires

Can i get an explanation / fix please. is this a bug?
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