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The Blacklist

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The Blacklist is an open banlist for Shogun 2 players. It aims to weed out players who willfully disrupt gameplay for personal benefit.

I make zero grandiose claims that The Blacklist is here to improve gameplay, reduce the number of cheaters, and promote fair play. It does not. Unlike the Bushido League, The Blacklist was formed with one goal: To unite and get back at those who would ruin or waste our precious gameplay time.

Relevant Links:

Steam Group Page

Instructions on how to "ban" someone

The Blacklist: An Open Excel Document on Disruptive Player s

Possible Questions and Answers

1. Why even create a Blacklist? Is it to attract attention?

Yes, it is. The community right now is rotten to the core. Forums for Total War Shogun 2 all explicitly ban the naming and shaming of players on their forums, which does not help things. What's more, lobby dropping, in-game dropping for the sole purpose of moving up the ladder is ruining my (and our) gameplay experience. There have been many suggestions to fix this problem, but CA has not responded to any of them. The same problems which plagued Shogun 2 have been with us from the start. Without some sort of action, from the community, or from CA, we will see the same problems in the new game, Fall of the Samurai.

Shogun 2 is a great game, I don't want to see a bad community ruin it like it did to dota.

2. What if CA fixes the issue? What if they come up with a banlist program and prevents dropping?

Then the Blacklist would be redundant, I would immediately close the group and use CA's system, so long as it works.

3. A physical banlist is useless, how can you remember all the names?

You're right. There are two possible outcomes. One is that users print out the banlist and hang it next to their computers, which is kind of stupid, but effective. The other is to keep a personal one by using the "block" function on Steam. You'll still see them ingame, but at least you will remember them.

What I do sincerely hope for is that this project does not grow so large that there are practically an unlimited number of names on the list. Then we would need someone knowledgeable in programming to write an actual external program to keep track of all that data, like dota's banlist.nl. If so, we can say that this community is really, really rotten.

4. We can change names on Steam, your list is invalid.

Yes, but people who do drop and cheat care about their reputation too much to do so. Either way, as long as we have their steam profile links, we can change and update the list.

5. Your little project will fail, you won't have a comprehensive banlist, and too many people cheat.

Perhaps, but optimistically, I hope many people will join my cause and contribute names to the project.

6. The Blacklist will fail, because droppers will submit legitimate names.

I promise to check through every replay carefully, to verify the evidence with a microscope so that we can prove the guilt of the guilty beyond reasonable doubt. A 100% success rate is impossible, but I promise to work on a fair system to weed out those who accidentally dropped due to bad internet, and list down those who repeatedly, and intentionally drop others to get up the Shogun 2 ladder.

7. How do I help the project?

The blacklist is an open excel document, so anyone can contribute to it. Alternatively, you can discuss this in the forums or on the steam page. Because I don't have time to manage this on my own, I hope people who love this game as well can step up and help me out.

8. How do I get Blacklisted?

By doing something that was not intended by the game itself. Such as killing steam.exe to get a win, dropping people in-game, being rude and abusive counts too, though it depends. I grudgingly have to admit that mass bow cav and mass cavalry and other "cheap" tactics are not rationale for being on the banlist. They do not violate any rules, unless that idiot used six daikyu samurai or something that violates game mechanics, then we can shove him on the list. If someone makes a group called "Anti-Bow Cav Spam Movement", and bans players for it, I would gladly join it, but that is not the main purpose of this group.

9. Isn't naming and shaming on the forums, the very thing that you are so afraid of avoiding, illegal? Why are you promoting this on the forums then?

I am promoting this system outside of the forums that prohibit this behavior. I do not wish for a culture like that to form, but certain steps must be taken before the situation goes completely bonkers. That's why there is a separate steam page, a separate instructions page, a separate content page.
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