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Bugs In the game that are ruining it for me.

BlakeArius#3752BlakeArius#3752 Registered Users Posts: 1
Not really a bug, but my biggest gripe with the game. VFX optimization is just garbage compared to 2. Putting it to medium turns off effects that still run better on ultra in wh2. The game generally runs fine until any VFX happen. it's a 20 fps difference and 40 fps with Tzeench flamers VFX.

Here are the infuriating bugs i've found.
Vassels never reinforcing battles when right next to you and running away from easily winnable duel battles cause it calculates everything as 1v1.
Blood flickering when other ground based VFX pop off.
Unit speed bug, Throgg at 50 speed or debuffed to 33 speed outran belakor at 100 speed. Benny hill levels of comical and frustrating.
Norsca units spamming voice lines when losing. Just need an option to turn it off completely.
Pack ice bay can't be attacked from sea by AI, allies and enemies just sit there indefinitely.

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