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Known IssueNot possible to get Dread Saurian capacity as ally, not recruitable through Outpost

DragonLordVII#1279DragonLordVII#1279 Registered Users Posts: 1
Easily reproducible.
Play as any non-Lizardmen race.
Become best friends with an Outpost at max level.
Not possible to recruit Dread Saurian.

With Chaos Dwarfs around the corner with selective unit caps this might be something to look at.
If implemented the same into the Outpost system: the only units that you will be able to recruit as an ally will be labourers and hobgoblins, which for most won't be the main pull of potential outpost units to get from the Chaos Dwarf roster.
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  • adaliabooks#8607adaliabooks#8607 Registered Users Posts: 80
    Can confirm, I noticed this in a game.

    Seeing as they did fix this issue in regards to Tomb Kings it hopefully shouldn't be difficult to sort (and since Dread Saurians are pretty powerful only being able to recruit 1 per Lizardman ally should work fine)

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