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Wood Elves Bug: Oak of Ages battles (and extra)

Inamatus8#3423Inamatus8#3423 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited March 17 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Hi, hello, hiya.

When you play as Wood Elves - Orion in my experience - both quest battle on the Oak of Ages map have their armies wrong way around. It wasn't the case during the previous two titles, so surely that's an error. And AI sends its armies into the lakes so the whole thing just look ridiculous, especially during the final battle.

Also, can you fix the ability to summon their dragon for the Twilight Twins after confederation, please? The icon is missing even though the quest is finished. It's those things that were probably missed during port into a new title, but small details create the immersion.

Thank you :)

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