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Potential Fix to Manual Battle Crashes

TreyPerkins#4455TreyPerkins#4455 Registered Users Posts: 3
I recently had an issue where the game would crash to the desktop when I tried to do a battle manually a few seconds after the screen went black to attempt to load in the battle. This started to happen all of a sudden lucky I had a save file from a few turns before when it wasn't happening, and after many troubleshooting attempts, I finally figured out the cause of my problem. In my case, everything worked fine up to turn 73, and on turn 74, I could no longer do manual battles. Long story short, the problem was due to me requesting a greenskin army (that had a waaagh, not sure if that was a contributing factor or not). The next turn, when I tried to do a manual battle, it would crash even after returning the army back to the greenskin faction. So I loaded it before requesting the army and did everything the same except request the greenskin army, and the manual battles began working as intended on turn 74 and onward.

There may be a bug that, for some reason, causes the game to crash when attempting to do manual battle after you request an army (probably, more specifically, an army with a waaagh).

Another thing to note is that I did have another requested army from a wood elf faction before and after the request of the greenskin army, and it worked perfectly fine. So I really think it has something to do with requesting an army with a waaagh.

Hope this helps someone.


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