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Known IssueBug during the Horn of the Wild Hunt (Talsyn) quest battle

Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 407
I just did the Horn of the Wild Hunt quest battle for Orion and there seems to be something wrong with the enemy lord.

The thing the battle is about is that it's a Bray-Shaman that casts the skill that causes all your units to take damage. The text during the battle, objectives and such, also suggest you gotta kill the enemy Bray-Shaman, but their lord is actually a regular Beastlord.

A very durable Beastlord, which takes a LONG time to kill. Immediately jumping him with Orion, a waystalker, a Glade Captain, 2 Great Eagles and 3 groups of Wild Riders is not enough to be able to kill him without me loosing all three Wild Rider groups permanently, and this is on easy/easy.

It would be better if the lord is an actual Great Bray-Shaman since they were added later on, and not a insanely tanky Beastlord that causes even a strong Orion army on easy/easy to loose 2/3rd to that skill.

No mods, I own everything, all three games, all dlc and flc. I've attached a save with which you can start the battle yourself, see that it's a very tanky Beastlord, and not actually a Great Bray-Shaman.
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  • CA_Liam#6659CA_Liam#6659 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 551
    Hey there @Kennyannydenny#4548

    I've raised this as a bug despite technically being feedback as it looks to be impacting quite a few campaigns. The team will take a look into this & decide what (if something) needs doing, I have put your suggestion (And others) forward as possible changes; but again this is down to the battle team if any get implemented.

    All the best,
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  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 407
    Sounds good to me! I get that the thing about it being hard is more feedback than bug, and if nothing changes there, no worries.

    I do think it just looks better if at least the model of the Great Bray-Shaman is being used instead of a Beastlord as the quest is about a Bray-Shaman lord casting spells :) But that's just my two cents ;) Thanks again for forwarding it Liam <3
  • #15622#15622 Registered Users Posts: 58
    This is still a bug
  • #15622#15622 Registered Users Posts: 58
    The last time I played Orion was in WH2 before the WE DLC. I'm pretty sure I did this battle on L/VH no problem. Now in immortal empires my entire army gets wiped out about 30 seconds after the DOT starts.

    I have watched videos of this battle to try and understand if it was something I was doing wrong tactically and it's not, the enemy lord should be moving towards you (which it doesn't) and also the damage you take is extremely high - not at all close to what is shown in the video:


    and here is my version:


    This is despite the auto-resolve giving me a decisive victory

  • #15622#15622 Registered Users Posts: 58

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