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Beastmen herdstone defense map is the worst possible option

#661335#661335 Registered Users Posts: 19
Right now, the beastmen, which are the faction with the fewest settlements, play their defense battle in the beastpath map. This an amazing map for range-focused turtling factions. It is impossible to surround enemies, vanguard deploy behind or on the sides. However, it turns out the beastmen are not a range-focused turtling faction, they are a rush melee and mobility-focused faction. Which makes this the worst possible map for them to play for the defense of their own settlements. And it is the same for all their settlement defenses. If you wanted to come up with the worst possible map the beastmen could have to defend their herdstones, this would be it. There are no trees to hide in or use their woodsmen attribute, no good use of vanguard deployment, no possibility of surrounding and it is narrow so their low leadership units can get away really quickly once they route once, which is very helpful for the enemy, that way they can get wiped out instantly without really fighting.

There should be a map with defense placements but no walls, like the wood elves have. But in the meantime, you should change the map to anything else. Literally anything else other than the other subterranian maps would be better. Any open field map would work better, at least there you could use the beastmen's mobility.

Also, because of the arbitrary 20-unit limit on garrisons, the beastmen lose part of theirs. The priority has been fixed (badly, I'd rather have a spellcaster than one more gor-herd unit), but why do they need to lose units that you paid for by upgrading their very expensive buildings? They could come in as instant reinforcements, or they could just be available to deploy from the beginning, like they should.


  • SettraDoesNotSimp#5603SettraDoesNotSimp#5603 Registered Users Posts: 128
    Yes, they should have a unique Maps. Tree for wood elves get a unique map which is fare more open. Something similar for BM would be Amazing since you have so few settlements they should at least be cool
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