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Read save game file in external application

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Hi all, first time posting here!

I'm a data engineer, and as a passion project I'd like to analyze the data of my Total War Warhammer II and III save game files. Some of the questions I'm going to try to answer are:

* How profitable is an army? (cost of upkeep against money gained from raiding, sacking, and taken settlements)
* How profitable are settlements? (return on investment)
* How long is an average battle time based on army makeup of opposing armies?

And lots of more things.

That brings me to my question - is it possible to deserialize/parse a save game file into a format that's readable by external applications? Ideally in JSON format.

I plan to write up data engineering and data science blogs on how to build data pipelines, but using Total War as the central theme for data analysis.
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