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how to find out the battle and campaign difficulty level of an old save game, medieval 2

Crosbow#2947Crosbow#2947 Registered Users Posts: 3
edited March 24 in Medieval II: Total War
Hello, I would like to know the campaign and battle difficulty in an old save game.

I have many hours of medieval 2 and today I play on the maximum difficulty that the game allows for both battle and campaign. I created a game with france, but due to personal problems in short I lost the saved game I started it again I played a lot and then I lost the saved game again and that's ok I started from scratch again with france on maximum difficulty.

On maximum difficulty from turn 1 you are attacked by all factions that border you.

The strange thing is that I started a game from scratch and on turn 20 or so, portugal landed a huge army near caen that belonged to england and attacked england. This was very strange, as I said, I already played for many hours on maximum difficulty and it was normal for Portugal to attack me at that moment, I had strengthened the army in advance because it is normal for Portugal and Escosia to attack me on turn 20 with a full army. I already played about 3 campaigns until turn 100 with france on maximum difficulty and never, I repeat, portugal and escosia NEVER stopped attacking Rennes around turn 20.

So it made me doubt if I didn't make a mistake and in fact I'm playing on a lower difficulty.

So I wanted to know how to find out the battle and campaign difficulty level of a save game.

**I could solve the problem by starting again from turn 1 and making sure of the difficulty. But this is annoying, I tried and failed. Someday in the future maybe, but not now. I wanted to continue the game that was already past turn 20.**


  • FritzvomWald#8248FritzvomWald#8248 Registered Users Posts: 175
    Despite the extreme prejudice there still are random elements in the game: if overall it resembles previous games on the highest setting then it can be assumed you are again on highest setting.

    Unfortunately it's not possible to determine the settings at a later stage afaik.
  • Crosbow#2947Crosbow#2947 Registered Users Posts: 3
    sad. Today I was in the mood to play and started from the beginning with France. I've already played rome 2, shogun 2 and warhamer, the maximum difficulty in these newer games is much higher kkkkkk the company has greatly improved the difficulty and AI in the newer games kkk
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