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A simple way to fix Ogre Kingdoms

Duke_Of_Death#4335Duke_Of_Death#4335 Registered Users Posts: 1
As the majority of you will find out, the Ogre Kingdoms as a faction are kinda underpowered, to say the least. I haven't seen anyone liking their camp mechanics in general. And by the way, why is there still an encampment stance still in the game for this faction? I thought that the camp mechanics made that stance kinda redundant?

Well, anyways, here's my suggestion as to how we can fix the Ogre Kingdoms' faction. Keep in mind that I'm not an avid fan of the Warhammer lore, so please forgive my mistakes when describing this faction or any faction for that matter.

As you all know, the Ogres are a migratory faction in the Warhammer lore. They really aren't an unified faction, but rather a loose confederation of tribes. So, why not simply change their settlement type to be akin to a migratory faction, with special emphasis on their starting settlement, since that's also one of their most important ones in the lore? I'm not asking for anything drastic, I'm merely asking for a simple cosmetic change by making them work similarly to how the settlements work for the wood elves. And should these settlements switch hands, again this is simply a minor cosmetic change. Just turn them into a regular settlement of that other faction.

That way, we wouldn't be dealing with an annoying mechanic, people could still use encampment stance, since it wouldn't be redundant and we could still easily switch our units to more elite ones.

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